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Are you struggling with a shortage of skilled workers? Is your development organization not scaling enough? Are you not getting your software projects off the ground? Do you want to conserve your capital and use it in a targeted manner?

As a software house, we solve your software development challenges. We execute projects for you simply, quickly and competently or support you with exclusive development power in a team – exactly as you need it.

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Digital Journey Compass

Taking the right path right from the start to get ahead with your software
Kompass in der Hand

You have a need for software, want to digitize and don’t know where to start? Is digitalisation the sword of Damocles for you? That does not have to be the case.

With the Digital Journey Compass from Riwers you can get started so that your company can develop its potential through software development and you can become a winner in your business.

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Main Image Sourcing
Software Sourcing – How to do it right

Best practices and tips from Riwers for software sourcing and projects

Bild Wirtschaftliches Sourcing
High cost-effectiveness through clever software partnership

Sourcing development power pays off and frees up resources for your business

The best location for your Software Development

Why the right mix matters and which aspects should definitely be verified

Don't believe us - believe our customers

Riwers is very quick, competent and focused on our situation and needs.

Silvio Wandfluh, Product & Business Developer / Corporate Advisory Board, Rentouch

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Matthias Stähli
ETH Juniors
Technically, the development was clean and modular, which provides us - as well as our customers - with great added value.

Matthias Stähli, Vice President, ETH Juniors

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Lothar Troller
Schenker Storen
Riwers always shows its best side through high flexibility, goal-oriented project thinking and professional competent consulting.

Lothar Troller, Project Leader, Schenker Storen

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Rafael Brunner
The Riwers team is a valuable asset and brings a high level of expertise and thorough work to our projects.

Rafael Brunner, Head of Software Development, EBP

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Yves Süess
Business Transaction
The Riwers team quickly built a high level of understanding of our business model, allowing them to work efficiently on the application.

Yves Süess, Partner, Business Transaction

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1 day ago

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Urgently hiring/contracting 💥 𝙁𝙧𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝘿𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙡𝙤𝙥𝙚𝙧 𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙅𝙎

we are looking for 3 Professional ReactJS Engineers for immediate start in a customer project.

Onboard today and join us on our journey 💪 Fantastic customers and cool projects are literally waiting for you! 💫

▶️Apply now and get in touch with us - direct message or via website http://ow.ly/e63N50EJGsY

6 0

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5 days ago

Card image cap

Software realisieren kann sooo einfach sein 💫

Mit exklusiver Entwicklungs-Power von Riwers eigene Produkte umsetzen und das Business digitalisieren:

⏩ schnell und gradlinig
⏩ verfügbare Software Profis
⏩ hohe Qualität
⏩ fokussiert, man kriegt was man wirklich braucht
⏩ ökonomisch, mit bestem Preis-Leistungsverhältnis
⏩ glückliche Kunden und zufriedene Benutzer

Software anpacken und schnell zählbares erreichen ▶️ Sprechen wir drüber http://ow.ly/wZeG50EGhQK

#softwaredevelopment #webapplications #mobileapps #outsourcing #nearshoring

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1 week ago

Card image cap

we are hiring right now 💫

6 new profiles for 12 positions:

🎯 Frontend Developers, focus ReactJS
🎯 Full Stack Developer, focus Frontend (Vue, Python)
🎯 Full Stack Developer (Python, Vue)
🎯 Full Stack Javascript Developer
🎯 Test Automation Engineers
🎯 Scrum Masters & Agile Coaches

Apply now if you want to work in a super cool environment and want to create cool stuff with our team for our customer!

Hurry up - check our open job positions: http://ow.ly/M8SQ50EC0gc

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3 weeks ago

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Neuer Blogbeitrag: Der beste Standort für Ihre Softwareentwicklung

Faktoren welche Sie bewerten sollten:

✅ Hohe Wirtschaftlichkeit
✅ Viele qualitativ hochwertige Ausbildungsstätten
✅ Intakter ICT Arbeitsmarkt und Fachkräftenetzwerk
✅ Gehaltsgefüge & gesunde wirtschaftliche Entwicklung
✅ Kulturnähe
✅ Stabilität & Rechtssicherheit
✅ Erreichbarkeit
✅ Vor Ort Präsenz des Partners beim Kunden
✅ Partner-Expertise

Lesen Sie warum Riwers als Schweizer Dienstleister mit dem Entwicklungcenter in der Slowakei den wohl besten Mix für Ihre Software anbietet.

Software anpacken und schnell zählbares erreichen ▶️ Sprechen wir drüber http://ow.ly/Ejc450DAhNB

#softwaredevelopment #outsourcing #nearshoring

12 2

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3 weeks ago

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Softwarelösungen als Chance für Ihr Business.

Riwers stellt Ihr Software Team, entwickelt Ihre (Web/Mobile) Anwendung, digitalisiert Ihre Prozess oder hilft ganz einfach, dass Sie mit Ihrem Business auf wirtschaftliche Weise vorwärts kommen.

Software anpacken und schnell zählbares erreichen ▶️ Sprechen wir drüber http://ow.ly/Ejc450DAhNB

#softwaredevelopment #webapplications #mobileapps #outsourcing #nearshoring

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1 month ago

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Hohe Fachkompetenz und gründliche Arbeit!

Für EBP entwickeln wir starke Softwarelösungen in einer Entwicklungspartnerschaft nach dem Modell der erweiterten Werkbank.

Jetzt Ihre Software skalieren und Ziele erreichen ▶️ Sprechen wir drüber http://ow.ly/bafp50EnrvK

#softwaredevelopment #webapplication #mobileapp #frontend #backend #extendedworkbench #nearshoring

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