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Software Sourcing – How to do it right

Best practices and tips from Riwers for software sourcing and projects

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High cost-effectiveness through clever software partnership

Sourcing development power pays off and frees up resources for your business

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The best location for your Software Development

Why the right mix matters and which aspects should definitely be verified

Don't believe us - believe our customers

Johnny Kristensen
We have been excited about the focused and flexible approach consistently shown by Riwers.

Johnny Kristensen, Regional Director, Lengoo

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Rafael Brunner
The Riwers team is a valuable asset and brings a high level of expertise and thorough work to our projects.

Rafael Brunner, Head of Software Development, EBP

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Yves Süess
Business Transaction
The Riwers team quickly built a high level of understanding of our business model, allowing them to work efficiently on the application.

Yves Süess, Partner, Business Transaction

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Michael Lauener
Braso AG
Thanks to the software expertise from Riwers, our "time-to-market" can be massively shortened. This creates competitive advantages in our target market!

Michael Lauener, CEO, Braso AG

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More Success for your Business through Software

Acting better on the market and freeing up cash with smart software solutions

Are you struggling with skills shortage or is your development organization not scaling enough? Are you not getting your software projects off the ground? Uncomfortable with digitalization?

We execute projects for you simply, quickly and competently, support you with exclusive development power as a team or lead you step by step into digitization – exactly as you need it.

Get to know our range of services for your software. With us, you use your capital carefully and purposefully.

That's what Riwers does

Digital Journey Compass

Taking the right path right from the start to get ahead with your software
Kompass in der Hand

Is the importance of digitization unclear for your SME? Is digitization the sword of Damocles for you? None of this has to be the case.

With the digital journey compass from Riwers, you as an SME can get started with digitalization so that you can recognize your personal potential and become a winner in your business – step by step.


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