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Software development in a team & as-a-service

This is Riwers

Since our founding in 2018, Riwers has been there when innovative and customised solutions are needed. With our team of around 60 employees in Switzerland and Slovakia, we cover the entire software development process. By working together at our two locations in Bern and Bratislava, we and our customers benefit from the many advantages of nearshoring: flexible, scalable and clearly calculable solutions.

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Our vision

We live in an increasingly digital world, characterised by constant change and highly differentiated requirements. In this environment, our vision is to rethink software development. That’s why we combine innovative technologies with proven methodologies to create customised and scalable solutions. Our focus is on giving our customers a tangible competitive advantage.
At the same time, it is important to us to create an atmosphere of collaboration and trust where all parties can be confident that their concerns will be taken seriously and their goals achieved. We take the time to fully understand each company’s needs and challenges and translate them into tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing business processes.

Software development with Riwers

We believe that meeting our customers where they are is at the heart of our agile way of working. This includes joint analysis of individual needs and requirements as the basis for solid collaboration. This is the only way to find the right solution for an optimal user experience. Of course, agility also means constantly prioritising to ensure that all requirements and budgets are met.



1. Value Localization

Together we will find out where you stand & how you can generate added value with the help of software.

2. Value Creation

We develop a roadmap as the basis for our collaboration & provide resources.

3. Value Production

We realise your software project from development to implementation.


Why nearshoring?

We have an international team of highly skilled developers based in Switzerland and Slovakia. By working with experts from the EU, we ensure the highest standards of training, legal certainty and shared values. This allows us to support your business flexibly without compromising on quality.

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Ready for the collaboration?

What does it mean to rethink software development? Is Riwers the right partner for your software project? We would be happy to tell you more about us and what it's like to work with us.