Custom software development

Efficient, scalable and tailored to your business

We develop software that suits you

We are your professional partner for customised software development tailored to your needs. Does your company need a web, app or desktop application? We will work with you to develop the optimum solution, across all industries and in multiple programming languages.

Skills and services

Do you know exactly what software project you want to implement or are you still in the discovery phase? Before we start working together, we will define your requirements together.

Web Applications

Development of custom web applications that provide an optimal user experience through innovative technologies and user-centric design

Mobile Apps

Developing powerful mobile applications for multiple platforms that are visually stunning and function smoothly

SaaS Products

Designing Software-as-a-Service products as a flexible solution that delivers value and competitive advantage to future customers

Legacy systems

Modernising legacy systems for optimal performance, increased security and seamless integration with current technologies

Database Services

Design, development and implementation of efficient database solutions for secure and reliable data management

Artificial Intelligence

Developing AI software for complex tasks such as pattern recognition, speech processing, machine learning and decision making

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About Riwers

Need support? Our team covers the entire software development process. From project managers to back-end and front-end developers, UX/UI designers and full-stack developers, we are committed to finding and implementing the right solution for your business.

  • Over 50 software projects completed
  • International team of top talent
  • Offices in Switzerland and Bratislava
  • Extensive expertise in complex industries
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Your benefits at a glance

Of course, we offer expertise and knowledge in software development. But we also understand that, in addition to technical expertise, there are other criteria that are critical to your business.

Transparent development

Software development should not be a blind flight - we involve you transparently at every stage of the project.

Sustainable solutions

We rely on a well-documented software architecture whose code can be easily modified by third parties

Modular expandability

The optimal software solution is not static, but adapts to your needs and grows with you.

Holistic concepts

We take your project from concept to implementation and long-term support - all from a single source

Complex requirements

We can help you integrate complex business processes into a single solution to save resources.

Long-term partnership

Constantly changing service providers tie up a lot of resources, so we focus on ongoing collaboration

Scalable cost structure

With a flexible and transparent cost structure, you only invest according to your current needs

Quality controls

We are committed to quality and reliability, so we continuously check that your project is running smoothly.

Essential services

Some elements are essential for successful software development, but often need to be booked in addition. We believe that the following services are essential to the successful completion of a project and are therefore naturally included in our offering.

Strategic Planning

A detailed concept lays the foundation for the successful implementation of an effective and sustainable software solution.


We use prototyping to give you an early insight into the software product.

Ongoing development

Continuous development is essential to keep pace with new requirements, technologies and market conditions.

Maintenance & Support

We offer a comprehensive maintenance and support service to ensure that your software always runs smoothly

Our projects


Product Development Swing Office &

Riwers develops as software partner the administration application Swing Office and the platform with which dance events can be administrated, planned and billed.

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Schweizer Berghilfe

Product Development

As a software development partner, Riwers carries out the complete product development and maintenance of the platform The application connects volunteers with people in the mountains who need support in their projects.

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Technologies & Expertise


You know where you want to go, but are not sure how to get there? Perhaps these questions and answers, which many clients ask us before working with us, will help you.

We start every project with a thorough requirements analysis to understand your vision and define clear objectives. However, it is not just the destination that is critical to the successful realisation of your vision. Through strategic planning, the use of cutting-edge technologies, prototyping and continuous communication, we ensure that your product is optimally tailored to your needs. The entire software development process is supported by our dedicated project management team to ensure transparency, efficiency and successful delivery.

Probably not. We have experience of implementing complex solutions that involve multi-layered business processes. Even if you still have some manual processes or use different applications for different areas, in most cases we can develop a customised solution for you. Contact us and tell us about your case so that we can advise you in detail on the feasibility of your project.

We have delivered software projects in a wide range of sectors and have in-depth expertise in many areas. That’s why we know we can adapt our technical expertise and tools to meet your individual needs. To find out more, click through to our customer stories.

We have always worked as an international team and have successfully completed many projects together. To ensure that this collaboration works, we rely on clear communication that is effective and smooth thanks to modern tools – regardless of language.

We are sorry that you have had disappointing experiences with software developers in the past. But we can also reassure you that you are not alone, which is why we do things differently. For example, you can rely on clear communication throughout the project and we involve you at every stage. We make the cost structure transparent and ensure that the end product is sustainable and scalable. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure your success.

The timeframe and cost within which we can deliver your project will of course depend on your ideas, the scope and complexity of your project. That’s why it’s important for us to understand your exact requirements before we start. Based on this, we will prepare a bespoke schedule and cost estimate. It is important to us that you always know where we stand and what you are investing in.

Unsure where to start?

Tell us more about your project or vision! We'll help you find the starting point of your digital journey.