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Retrospect:­The Year 2021 at Riwers

Successful transition & build-up year for Riwers

For Riwers, the 2021 financial year was dominated by the premise of reforming the ownership and management structure and further building up towards its own scaling capability for further business development

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10 reasons for software development with a (nearshoring) partner

Simplify the topic of "software" in your company with a development partner who understands your business

Why reinvent the wheel? By working with a nearshoring partner, you bring expertise and methodological competence in-house. You delegate complexity, relieve your company and experience high quality thanks to increased productivity. And at the same time you find more time to take care of your core business.

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The best location for your Software Development

Why the right mix matters and which aspects should definitely be verified

Establishing your own software development with a sourcing partner in the long term opens up many business opportunities. Even more so if you as a company want to rely on nearshoring. In order to write a success story, it is absolutely advisable to validate critical factors when selecting a partner and location.

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Software Sourcing – How to do it right

Best practices and tips from Riwers for software sourcing and projects

We show you how to approach the topic of “Software Sourcing” so that you can generate the optimum benefit for your business. Analyze your situation, plan carefully and implement high quality software with a partner like Riwers.

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High cost-effectiveness through clever software partnership

Sourcing development power pays off and frees up resources for your business

Software development in your company can be organized in such a way that you can achieve more for your business with the same resources. Thanks to an extended workbench which relieves you and brings you further as a team in the implementation of your projects.

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The Customer Journey from Riwers

The guide to get to the best software step by step

With the Riwers Journey, we offer our customers a unique and easy-to-understand guide to help them get the most out of software development and organization.

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Riwers completes the Leadership Team

As Riwers, we emphasize customer focus and strengthen ourselves with Martin Graf

We are very pleased to announce that our management team at Riwers is getting new reinforcement. Martin Graf will join the Owner Team around Marco Dietrich and Markus Guggisberg on March 1, 2021 and take over the role as Managing Director and Sales Leader.

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