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Outsourcing development to focus on the essentials

Our external team develops your software

A brilliant idea is only the first step in successful software development. Getting it to market is a complex process that requires both expertise and resources. If your business case is ready, but you lack the expertise and capacity, a Software Department as a Service may be the right solution for you.
We provide you with a complete, dedicated software department that integrates seamlessly with your existing processes. You can benefit from the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of your own software team without having to worry about the challenges of building and managing it.

Strategic collaboration across the board

Software-Department-as-a-Service means you can entrust the entire software development process to the experts in your outsourced software team. This includes accurate requirements analysis, creative design concepts, bug-free programming and comprehensive quality assurance.

Work Processes & Structures

By defining work processes, communication channels and responsibilities, we ensure that you achieve your goals efficiently.

People & roles

We define all necessary roles and select the most qualified people to ensure focused and efficient collaboration.

Operational Product Development

Our effective and high quality development process includes coding, testing, iteration and continuous improvement of the software

Budgeting & Organisation

We allocate resources, estimate costs, monitor budgets and adjust processes as required

Outsourcing vs. Software-Department comparison

Outsourcing is the model you learn when you have too little capacity to develop software in-house. However, it has its limitations and is usually limited to outsourcing sub-tasks of a project. Our solution goes one step further and provides you with a virtual software development department - from planning to maintenance.

When you outsource software development, you outsource all, part or all of a project to an external development team.
  • Team

    Flexibly scalable solution to complement your team

  • Duration

    Short to long-term support depending on project duration

  • Support

    Targeted support in different roles as required

  • Integration

    Seamless integration of the external team with your internal team

  • Quality control

    Regular quality and performance reviews

Software-Department aaS offers you a more comprehensive solution for every step of software development instead of an internal software team.
  • Team

    Flexibly scalable solution instead of an in-house team

  • Duration

    Joint development process & continuous exchange; project duration is flexible

  • Support

    Holistic concept incl. organisation, controlling and support

  • Integration

    Fixed, well-established team for software development

  • Quality control

    Fixed contact person and regular quality control

How you benefit from this model

In practical terms, Software department as a Service gives you the benefit of excellent technical support from development and prototyping through to scaling your software - without the need to hire and manage your own software team. There are other benefits too.

Calculable costs

Implementing software development in-house can result in high costs that are difficult to calculate – we minimise your business risk

Holistic concepts

We make software development efficient by looking at the organisation and profitability as well as the technical side

Fast go-to-market times

We support you with highly skilled developers to get your project to market faster and more cost-effectively

Experienced team at your fingertips

Our teams are as well attuned to each other as they are flexible in adapting to your working and communication structures

State-of-the-art technology

We use the latest technologies and innovative tools to create a technically sound and sustainable solution

Long-term partnership

Our support does not end with development – we work with you over the long term to build a working system around your product

People working at the riwers office

About Riwers

Need support? Our team covers the entire software development process. From project managers to back-end and front-end developers, UX/UI designers and full-stack developers, we are committed to finding and implementing the right solution for your business.

  • Over 50 software projects completed
  • International team of top talent
  • Offices in Switzerland and Bratislava
  • Extensive expertise in complex industries
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The international team of Riwers shines with lived agility and outstanding expertise in software development and the project-accompanying processes. The software developers and software architects think ahead and proactively create future-proof solutions.

Ingo Rauner, Founder & CEO, Cyrinas

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Riwers implemented the project in an excellent, timely, uncomplicated and very competent manner.

Beat Schläfli, CEO & Gründer, Peppermill

People Analytix

The Riwers developers are great guys. Top in terms of content and people and absolutely reliable. The team is very committed, responsive and always on point.

Daniel Hörschläger, COO, People Analytix

"Add-ons" for your software department as a service

Not only do we understand software, we understand how to turn software into a product. Depending on how your company is organised internally and where you need support, we can also provide targeted support in other areas.

  • Marketing & sales support for the solution
  • Business management of software development
  • Strategic management of the business

Not sure if this model is right for you?

Do you need an entire software team, or would you rather have selective reinforcement? Tell us more about your project and let us work together to find out which of our offerings best suits you.