Retrospect:­The Year 2021 at Riwers

Successful transition & build-up year for Riwers

Markus Guggisberg

For Riwers, the 2021 financial year was dominated by the premise of reforming the ownership and management structure and further building up towards its own scaling capability for further business development

Riwers looks back with satisfaction on its third fiscal year. The turnover could be increased solidly by another 35%, a value that is above average even for the booming ICT industry and shows that many things are being done right. Also the number of employees could be increased to 30 colleagues which corresponds to an increase of about 50%.

Happy customers and wise planning

In general, it was possible to build on loyal customer relationships and, in many cases, expand them considerably. In addition, a number of new customers were acquired for which either entire software projects were realized or software teams could be ramped up in the form of so-called extended workbenches. In the process, Riwers was able to prove that the fusion of its own software expertise with the domain know-how of its customers offers an unbeatable combination, which inevitably leads to high software quality and mutual business success.

After a turbulent previous year with the pandemic, the associated volatile order situation and simultaneous dislocation in the founders team, the definitive turnaround was achieved in 2021 thanks to careful planning. The management team was completed again with Martin Graf and massively strengthened in the areas of sales and finance. Together with co-founders Marco Dietrich and Markus Guggisberg, the Riwers leadership team is harmoniously aligned and optimally prepared for future business development.

Established competencies and technologies

Technologically, Riwers has been able to establish itself with high-quality software development in the field of open source. Thanks to a modular approach, all applications and products can be developed in a future-proof and lean way for maintenance. In addition, all customers benefit from a pronounced economic efficiency and high productivity in the cooperation. The basis for this is the high level of expertise at the development center in Bratislava. In addition, Riwers is able to recruit the best specialists quickly and effectively despite the omnipresent tight situation on the labor market.

The extended workbench model, i.e. the exclusive provision of entire software development teams for customers, is also extremely popular and in high demand. In this way, customers in Switzerland and Germany are breaking the wave of digitization by having the right specialists available quickly and conveniently for their own projects and initiatives. In the course of this, Riwers conducted a location study for nearshoring on behalf of the customer and was able to prove, based on objective criteria, that the development center in Bratislava, Slovakia, is the best mix for long-term success in software development.

“Last year was especially challenging at the beginning due to various effects from the previous year. In the second half of the year, we were able to smartly align our business with targeted investments in marketing, operations and recruiting, enabling the foundation for targeted growth in 2022,” says Markus Guggisberg. “Thanks to the commitment of all employees and the positive spirit in the team, we were able to achieve our goals and make our customers happy.”


About Riwers

Riwers was founded in Switzerland in October 2018. It was followed by the software development center in Slovakia as a subsidiary. Today, Riwers already employs around 45 people and develops custom software for companies in Switzerland and Germany. This with the two proven models with software teams (extended workbench) or as turnkey projects. While the technologies in the teams model are diverse, projects are based on open source.

In addition, Riwers establishes itself as a go-to competence provider for enabling economical, focused and lean software development according to agile and lean principles. Customers benefit from a standardized setup and onboarding as well as from our own nearshoring center with all the associated advantages.

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Managing Partner, Co-Founder

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