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Riwers implemented the project in an excellent, timely, uncomplicated and very competent manner.
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Peppermill is an independent sales training consultant. In the web application "Sales Coach" realized on behalf of Axa Insurance, the Peppermill sales trainer is virtualized as a playful avatar and thus interacts with the learners. They can be trained with the application anywhere and anytime 24/7. Training progress can be continuously measured and verified by management through the integrated leadership dashboard.

Initial Situation

  • The idea of the Sales Coach web app was developed by Peppermill with a smaller external partner as a very simple prototype.
  • In order to transfer this into a functioning and technologically attractive MVP that meets the high expectations of Axa Insurance, a suitable software development partner had to be found.
  • Peppermill started looking for a partner and found one at Riwers


  • The prototype was technologically very simple and realized with an outdated technology.
  • The necessary scaling was therefore not realistic and neither was the anticipated schedule.
  • In addition, there was no clear strategy for how the project was to be set up and implemented from this starting position, the tight budget and the dependencies.



Software Projekt, Produkt Development, MVc


March until November 2021


ICT, Education, Insurance


about 150 man-days


2 Software Developers, 1 Project Leader / PO Proxy


React, NestJS, Postgres, Prisma, Amazon AWS, Avatar

Riwers Contribution

  • In order to fully understand and plan the complex project, a preliminary project was carried out together with Peppermill.
  • The prototype was analyzed, the requirements were structured, the scope and the architecture as well as the appropriate technology for the development were defined.
  • This resulted in a clean development backlog and a defined goal, so that the development could be initiated and realized on schedule.

Customer & Business Value

  • Peppermill found a reliable and agile development partner in Riwers.
  • Through the Sales Coach application, Peppermill can multiply itself independently of people and provide the same training service with no time or location limits.
  • The end customer Axa can call up training services at any time and from anywhere, thus significantly reducing the costs per training unit. The training success and thus also the sales success can be increased equally and measurably.

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Managing Partner, Co-Founder

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