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We were able to develop a product with Riwers, which has received a lot of push with a modern software, fast development sprints and foresight in the technological development.
Newsroom Communication

Newsroom is a communication agency and offers among other things the social wall solution Storyshaker, which allows to publish media content on websites. Riwers is the software partner for the full cycle development and maintenance of this CMS/Content Hub product.

Initial Situation

  • The customer has developed and maintained his software product Storyshaker alone without cooperation with partners.
  • In order for the product development to take the next step in quality and setup, it was decided to evaluate and bring on board a partner for software development and business analysis with project management.


  • The business owners have recognized that their ideas need a partner for successful product development, because the wide range of tasks cannot be handled by themselves.
  • As a young company on the growth path, it is challenging to ensure reliable software development that meets the quality requirements and profitability.



Extended Workbench, Product Development & Maintenance


January 2019 until January 2021


Media, Event


900 man-days


4 Software Developers, 1 QA Test Engineer, 1 Projectleader


Java, Kotlin, Javascript, VueJS, AWS, Laravel, Bitbucket

Riwers Contribution

  • Riwers provides a complete development team with software developers, test engineers, product owners and project managers.
  • Riwers orchestrates the entire product development and supports the customer in implementing product changes and new functions in a dynamic way.

Customer & Business Value

  • The customer receives consolidated product development from one source by an exclusive team from Riwers.
  • This new development setup ensures long-term continuity in the quality of the product and accelerates its acceptance and distribution in the market.
  • The customer can focus on business growth, create new functions and leave the implementation to Riwers as a trusted partner.

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Director of Operations, Owner

looks forward to explaining and introducing you to the benefits with Riwers.