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Agent Selly is a digitalized, web-based platform for the sale and purchase of real estate and is part of Valiant Bank. Riwers did the full cycle development of the Real Estate Agent web application and analysis tool.

Initial Situation

  • Since the beginning, the customer is developing his software product on his own and with continuously more and more limited capacity.
  • The customer needs a software partner who can fuel the software development and significantly increase the feature output of the product.


  • There is an extended schedule and a large amount of rework for an upcoming migration to a scalable micro-services architecture.
  • The change requires a flexible setup in which the software partner can bring in its capacity and support rapid changes.
  • The partner should be directly involved in the rework for the target architecture and further product development



Software Project, Product Development


August 2019 until June 2020


Real Estate, Banking


430 man-days


3 Software Developers, 1 Projektleader / PO Proxy


NodeJS, MongoDB, ReactJS

Riwers Contribution

  • Riwers provides a development team of experienced software developers who interact directly with the customer’s stakeholders and drive the product forward.
  • Riwers supports the customer on the way of complicated but necessary changes in the product architecture and functionality, always in close cooperation with the customer team.

Customer & Business Value

  • The business requirements can be continuously implemented and transferred to the market thanks to the highly scaled team of product development.
  • The customer achieves a significant increase in product quality through the focus of a dedicated team.
  • Thanks to the Riwers team’s software expertise and the optimized development process, the customer receives a setup for the software implementation that meets his needs.

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Director of Operations, Owner

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