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Riwers is very quick, competent and focused on our situation and needs.

Rentouch is a Swiss-based company that provides solutions for better collaboration in agile and scalable agile environments. Riwers supports Rentouch as a software development partner for the continuous improvement and expansion of the product piplanning app.

Initial Situation

  • Due to the success of the piplanning app product, Rentouch has an increasing number of feature requests from its customers, which require additional capacity to implement.
  • The implementation of feature requests also includes architecture, usability and the continuous improvement of collaboration within agile teams.


  • The customer quickly needs additional development power to handle the ever-growing backlog, implement new features and improve the existing code base.
  • The customer is looking for a reliable partner with experience working in distributed remote teams, good agile skills and a cost-effective setup.



Extended Workbench, Staff Augmentation


Since May 2020, continuing


IT, Agile Collaboration


About 380 man-days


1 Sofware Developer (part of internal team)


Python, VueJS, Javascript, TypeScript

Riwers Contribution

  • Riwers offers software development know-how with appropriate technology stack expertise according to the customer’s requirements.
  • With the development power of Riwers a considerable part of the continuous improvement of the product is achieved.
  • Riwers brings in new ideas to improve the existing code base and teamwork with its outside perspective.

Customer & Business Value

  • Rentouch quickly and easily obtains software development skills and expertise to implement new features and improve product quality.
  • This will allow important customer requests to be implemented, existing functions to be improved and the already very good market standing of the piplanning app to be further enhanced.

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Director of Operations, Owner

looks forward to explaining and introducing you to the benefits with Riwers.