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Schenker Storen

Schenker Storen is a traditional Swiss company for the production of blinds and shading solutions. For the digitalization of the material flows, a mobile application is being developed which allows the material to be tracked and dispatched between the individual warehouses and building sites.

Initial Situation

  • The customer has a scanner system in the central warehouse, which is connected to his ERP system (basis MS Dynamics AX). After the materials are dispatched from this central warehouse, there is no further information about the location of the materials. A new mobile scanner will be used to track the materials outside the central warehouse.
  • The customer wishes a long-term software partner for the development and maintenance of this and other applications.


  • The creation of a new infrastructure to connect the mobile application with the existing ERP system.
  • The creation of a simple and lean user interface with which mainly non-technical end users should work.



Extended Workbench, Product Development & Maintenance


Since July 2020, continuing


Building Technology, Manufacturing, Supply Chain


About 100 man-days to date


2 Software Developers, 0.5 Project leader / Requirements Engineer


React Native, SOAP, IIS, MS Dynamics AX

Riwers Contribution

  • Riwers has a software team with technical expertise in the areas of Mobile, AX Dynamics and UI/UX at its disposal to develop the application.
  • Negotiation of the relevant requirements and support of the customer in the internal decision making process for the application.
  • Development of the mobile application according to the latest technology standards and agile principles of software development.

Customer & Business Value

  • With the mobile application, the customer receives a digitalized solution to increase the efficiency of the material flow of his products.
  • The solution is modular and flexible, so that extensions with new functions are possible at any time.
  • With this first project, Riwers proves to be the right choice as a continuous development partner for Schenker Storen.

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Marco Dietrich
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