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FIC Finance & Insurance Center advises companies and private clients on all insurance, pension fund and retirement planning issues. The product Insurance Map analyzes insurance benefits and helps customers to optimize their setup. Riwers performs the full cycle development of the web application and API.

Initial Situation

  • The customer has created a first version of his product as a prototype. With the product the conditions of insurance companies should become comparable.
  • The further product design shall be done in a very lean way with small iterative steps.
  • In a first step an MVP and afterwards an MMP (Minimal Marketable Product) should be created.


  • The prototype and thus the existing code must be adopted. There is no possibility to talk to the former service provider or the developers
  • The requirements are kept very short, there are many ambiguities and room for interpretation.



Software Project, Product Development, MVP, MMP


September-October 2019, July-September 2020




50 man-days


2 Software Developers, 1 Projectleader / PO Proxy


NodeJS, ReactJS, MeteorJS

Riwers Contribution

  • Riwers provides a development team of software developers and a project manager.
  • The project implementation is done according to agile and lean principles in iterative product increments.
  • The product is newly developed as an API with all necessary interfaces.
  • In a second project part the functionality of the product will be further extended.

Customer & Business Value

  • Creation of an MVP and then MMPs of the product for insurance brokers.
  • Due to the new interfaces the application can be integrated with other applications of the financial services market in a later step.
  • With Riwers, a high-quality solution can be implemented on schedule and in an economical manner.

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Marco Dietrich
Marco Dietrich
Director of Technology, Owner

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