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Hybrid Visicom for Residential and Commercial

We were particularly pleased with how quickly the team at Riwers understood our requirements and turned them into a functional application.

Enidma is a Singapore-based company that develops software solutions for real estate, integrating technologies for IoT, access control and BIM. Riwers has carried out the MVP development of a visitor management application in conjunction with a video intercom system.

Initial Situation

  • The customer wants to develop a visitor management product with video intercom for the Asian market.
  • The customer is looking for a software partner who takes full technical responsibility for the solution and has the necessary technical know-how for the implementation.
  • The customer expects the MVP to be created within one and a half months.


  • A new development of the complete product within only one and a half months.
  • The start-up in Singapore is very sensitive to costs.
  • The cooperation across different time zones makes the whole setup difficult, coupled with the existing time pressure.



Software Project, MVP


October until November 2019


Real Estate, Building Security


30 man-days


1 Software Developer, Projectmanagement


Java, SpringBoot, Kotlin, VueJS

Riwers Contribution

  • Riwers provides a software development team that works according to agile software development processes and standards and is led by a project manager.
  • Riwers takes over the detailing of the requirements and advises the customer to make the right product decisions for the MVP.
  • Riwers executes the software architecture and development of the MVP according to the requirements.

Customer & Business Value

  • The customer receives the desired MVP for sales support for new customers/prospects and can use this instrument to further scale up his business.
  • By adhering to quality, time and budget, the customer has planning reliability and can start further development of the product on this basis.
  • Thanks to the modular design of the backend, the customer has the possibility to make his product completely reusable and scalable.

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Marco Dietrich
Marco Dietrich
Director of Technology, Owner

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