ERP Development Xpandit 2.0

Thanks to the software expertise from Riwers, our "time-to-market" can be massively shortened. This creates competitive advantages in our target market!
Braso AG

Braso AG is the company behind Xpandit, the industry software for electrical companies and planners in Switzerland. The specific ERP product covers all business aspects and processes of electrical companies. Riwers is selected as software partner to develop and re-launch the Xpandit ERP product 2.0.

Initial Situation

  • Braso AG wants to re-launch its ERP industry software Xpandit on the market and is looking for a reliable, agile development partner for the new development.
  • The goal is to establish a long-term cooperation to ensure a continuous development of the software.
  • In a first step, an MVP and then an MMP (Minimal Marketable Product) shall be created up to full development of the entire product.


  • The software service provider should act technically competent, fast and agile but at the same time also co-responsible for a professional process of software development.
  • The creation of a new, modern infrastructure to connect a web application with the existing system and catalogs from various suppliers.
  • Creating an easily scalable and extensible solution with associated interfaces.



Software Project, Product Development, MVP


August until November 2020, Spring 2021, full solution starting December 2021


Building Technology, ERP


65 man-days (plus full project development appr- 2 years)


2 Software Developers, 1 Requirements Engineer, 1 UX/UI Designer, 1 Project Leader


React, NestJS, GraphQL, PostgresSQL (Prisma)

Riwers Contribution

  • The development of the application is carried out according to the latest technology standards and agile software development principles.
  • Riwers provides a development team of software developers, a project manager and a UX/UI designer.
  • The UX/UI design is executed in preparation for the subsequent full build.
  • Following the MVP, the full expansion of the solution is implemented in the actual software project.

Customer & Business Value

  • After completion of the MVP, a seamless transition to continuous further development is possible.
  • Due to the new interfaces, the application can be integrated with other applications in a later step.
  • With Riwers, a high-quality solution can be implemented on schedule in an economical manner.
  • The modern UX/UI design enables a contemporary and customer-friendly customer experience of the later product.

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Markus Guggisberg
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