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Riwers has brought us a big step forward in the development of our company in an uncomplicated and goal-oriented way.

Lusee AG was founded as a startup out of the Hypothekarkasse Lenzburg. Lusee is an interactive consulting platform that takes the customer conversation to a new level with the help of analog and digital integration of technologies (mixed reality). Riwers supports Lusee in the setup of the development organization, the team and role enablement, sets up processes and tools and operationalizes the team.

Initial Situation

  • Through external support, identified improvement potentials in Lusee’s product development are to be implemented as quickly as possible and sustainably operationalized.
  • The new agile procedures are intended to significantly improve product quality and time-to-market.
  • Product development is to ensure long-term, sustainable and scalable operation of the solution.


  • The product development of the highly complex system requires focus with clear prioritization as well as a flexibility that ensures a sustainable balancing act between ongoing customer projects and constantly increasing customer requirements and technological developments.
  • Lusee’s growth targets must be taken into account in the organizational development, anticipated accordingly and flexibly scalable.



Product Development, Consulting, Enablement


since May 2021, continuous


Buildingautomation, Mixed-Reality


about 150 man-days


1 Project Manager, 1 Test- & Requirements Engineer


Atlassian Toolchain

Riwers Contribution

  • Riwers supports the customer hands-on with consulting and training for the further development of the organization and processes.
  • Riwers acts operationally as an implementer, temporarily assumes essential roles and is responsible for the development and introduction of a sustainably efficient and scalable development organization including sound quality assurance.
  • Riwers supports Lusee with the establishment of an agile culture and organization and ensures this.

Customer & Business Value

  • Development efficiency and product quality in terms of stability and performance have been significantly increased.
  • Lusee can react flexibly to changing market situations by scaling product development as needed and successfully and quickly integrating individual customer requests into development.
  • Thanks to the obvious improvements, Lusee was able to open up new customer industries.

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Director of Operations, Owner

looks forward to explaining and introducing you to the benefits with Riwers.