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The Riwers team quickly built a high level of understanding of our business model, allowing them to work efficiently on the application.
Business Transaction

Business Transaction has established itself as a boutique for corporate succession planning. For this purpose, they are realizing a new development of a web-based application for the handling of these successor transactions. Buyer, company and transaction data is collected, administered, analyzed and finally processed in such a way that the right business decisions are made for the customer.

Initial Situation

  • The existing individual solution as an application can no longer be extended with new functionality.
  • Only parts of the business relevant data are digitally processed and can be used accordingly.
  • The existing solution is accompanied by many media breaks and a lot of manual work, for example in Excel lists.


  • On the one hand the existing application is to be replaced and at the same time new features are to be implemented and used.
  • The most important requirements must be identified and prioritized from a large wish list. The actual business value should remain in focus.



Software Project, Product Development & Maintenance


Since January 2020, continuing


M&A, Consulting


About 400 man-days to date


2 Software Developers, 1 QA Engineer, 1 Projectleader / PO Proxy


Java, Kotlin, VueJS, Javascript, Material Design, AWS

Riwers Contribution

  • The creation of the backlog including prioritization and definition of the business value, as well as support of the product management during the project implementation.
  • The project is carried out with iterative implementation, quality assurance and continuous delivery (Product Increments).
  • The setup and operation of a cloud infrastructure for software development and productive application operation.

Customer & Business Value

  • The simplification and end-to-end digitalization of data and processes.
  • The storage and management of data in a form that allows analysis and improvement of the business model.
  • Efficient product development that prioritizes the required functions to improve the quality of service for end users.

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Director of Operations, Owner

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