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The Riwers team is a valuable asset and brings a high level of expertise and thorough work to our projects.

EBP is engaged in a broad range of topics from consulting, planning, construction, information technology and communication. The focus is on the central challenges of intensively used living space. Riwers is a strategic development partner of EBP and currently mainly supports the new and further development of the joint federal information platform for the publication of natural hazard products (front-end and required services).

Initial Situation

  • The client has a growing service portfolio in the area of software development and wants to ensure scaling with a nearshoring partner.
  • In this context there are several projects which need support.
  • The customer needs a partner who supports the existing team with development and design expertise.


  • The customer has a software product that is based on an outdated technology stack, making further development and maintenance difficult.
  • Changes require a special setup where the partner can reverse engineer and rework part of the existing solution to introduce a modern and sustainable code base.



Extended Workbench, Product Development


Since November 2019


ICT, Environment


About 700 man-days


4 Software Developers


Angular, NodeJS, Docker

Riwers Contribution

  • Riwers provides a dedicated team of software developers with the required technical stack expertise.
  • Riwers integrates the client in the selection and recruitment process for the exclusive resources.

Customer & Business Value

  • The customer receives software development services in a fast, simple and cost-effective way.
  • The customer gets additional software know-how “from outside” to support their products and projects even broader.
  • With the partnership model, the customer gets the ability to scale a team as needed by the end customer.
  • With the nearshoring model, the customer receives economic advantages in development.

Does this case fit you?

Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Managing Partner, Co-Founder

looks forward to explaining and introducing you to the benefits with Riwers.