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The Riwers developers are great guys. Top in terms of content and people and absolutely reliable. The developers are very dedicated, responsive and always on point.
People Analytix

In addition to a virtual career advisor for employees, People-Analytix offers a holistic and dynamic representation of existing skills and gaps at employee, team and company level. This enables personal skills and career planning for employees and also increases the efficiency of employees and their deployment within the company. Riwers is a development partner of People Analytix.

Initial Situation

  • The product is developed and active on the market, but is to be continuously improved, extended and expanded.
  • The high demand on the market and the associated expansion of functionality requires an optimization of the development strategy
  • The customer is looking for a long-term partner to support the existing team with expertise in software development and to scale the capacity.


  • A dedicated and efficient team is established in-house. The partner should quickly integrate into the ongoing development and achieve results.
  • Tight delivery timelines require concentrated onboarding with as little friction losses as possible in the entire environment.
  • There are high demands on the profiles (seniority), which must be met by the partner quickly and in line with requirements.



Extended Workbench, Product Development


since January 2021, continuous


ICT, Human Ressources


about 425 mandays


2 Software Developers


Javascript, NodeJS, Java

Riwers Contribution

  • Riwers offers an exclusive team of software developers that optimally reinforces the customer’s own team and significantly increases output.
  • Riwers manages the onboarding process with selection and screening of developers, the customer reviews and approves the employees.
  • Riwers supports the customer in questions of software and solution strategy and actively helps to establish a technically scalable product.

Customer & Business Value

  • The partnership model gives the customer the ability to economically scale a team as needed based on the situation.
  • Thanks to Riwers’ sourcing expertise, the customer quickly finds the best developers for their projects without having to compromise on quality and time.
  • Thanks to the external view and the expertise of the Riwers team, the customer takes the right path to offer a sustainable stable and performing product in the market.

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Director of Operations, Owner

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