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Software Teams

Your model if you want to continuously develop, extend and improve software in a scalable team.

  • Riwers provides you with exclusive development power as an extended workbench
  • We take over the foundation and mobilization of your Riwers team
  • You manage the team independently as project lead or product owner (backlog, prioritization, etc.)
  • The development is done with your technologies, tools and environments
  • You determine the method of collaboration (we recommend agile and lean processes)
  • The cooperation is regulated as a service contract, effective work will be invoiced

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Software Projects

Your model if you want to have your application or product completely developed and delivered as a turnkey project.

  • Riwers implements your project completely with one team
  • We take over all project roles, ensure progress and report the status transparently
  • You work as a business owner and support our team in steering the content of the project
  • Development is done with the Riwers tech stack, including tools and cloud environments
  • The project is implemented using agile methods (Scrum, Kanban, etc.)
  • The cooperation is regulated as a service contract, effective work will be invoiced

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Digital Journey Compass

Lassen Sie uns zunächst Ihre Situation in der Softwareentwicklung erörtern und Ihren Handlungsbedarf ermitteln.

  • Understand own position in software development and recognize fields of action
  • Get to know possibilities and derive own potential
  • Receive a personal roadmap with the path to optimal software development and organization

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Software Scaling

We set up your organization so that your software can be developed efficiently and effectively.

  • Record situation with actual, target and gap analysis
  • Define organization, models, processes, roles and tools
  • Implement or accompany the introduction of the organization

Software Enabling

We go into the lead for you and enable your software to be developed the way you need it for your business.

  • Software definieren, aufbereiten, planen und ausführen
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Product Ownership
  • Project Management

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Managing Partner, Co-Founder

looks forward to explaining and introducing you to the benefits with Riwers.