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Logo People-Analytix

In addition to a virtual career advisor for employees, People-Analytix offers a holistic and dynamic representation of existing skills and gaps at employee, team and company level. This enables personal skills and career planning for employees and also increases the efficiency of employees and their deployment within the company.
Riwers is a development partner of People Analytix.

EBP Logo

EBP is engaged in a broad range of topics from consulting, planning, construction, information technology and communication. The focus is on the central challenges of intensively used living space.
Riwers is a strategic development partner of EBP and currently mainly supports the new and further development of the joint federal information platform for the publication of natural hazard products (front-end and required services).

enidma Logo

Enidma is a Singapore-based company that develops software solutions for real estate, integrating technologies for IoT, access control and BIM.
Riwers has carried out the MVP development of a visitor management application in conjunction with a video intercom system.

fic Logo

FIC Finance & Insurance Center advises companies and private clients on all insurance, pension fund and retirement planning issues. The product Insurance Map analyzes insurance benefits and helps customers to optimize their setup.
Riwers performs the full cycle development of the web application and API.

Logo Newsroom Communication

Newsroom is a communication agency and offers among other things the social wall solution Storyshaker, which allows to publish media content on websites.
Riwers is the software partner for the full cycle development and maintenance of this CMS/Content Hub product.

Schenker Storen Logo

Schenker Storen is a traditional Swiss company for the production of blinds and shading solutions.
For the digitalization of the material flows, a mobile application is being developed which allows the material to be tracked and dispatched between the individual warehouses and building sites.

Logo Business Transaction

Business Transaction has established itself as a boutique for corporate succession planning. For this purpose, they are realizing a new development of a web-based application for the handling of these successor transactions.
Buyer, company and transaction data is collected, administered, analyzed and finally processed in such a way that the right business decisions are made for the customer.

Rentouch Logo

Rentouch is a Swiss-based company that provides solutions for better collaboration in agile and scalable agile environments.
Riwers supports Rentouch as a software development partner for the continuous improvement and expansion of the product piplanning app.

eonum Logo

Eonum is a provider of healthcare information systems. For the product Casematch, a web-based tool for the testing of diagnosis-related case groups, Riwers performs the reverse engineering and new development of this tool. This includes the processing of data from patient diagnostics and statistics, based on machine learning algorithms.

ETH Juniors Logo

ETH Juniors commissioned Riwers to develop a completely new web application for the organization and orchestration of the event “Campus Interview”. On this day companies advertise for the best talents of the Swiss universities. Students and companies register and arrange virtual and live interviews and discussions.

Agent Selly Logo

Agent Selly is a digitalized, web-based platform for the sale and purchase of real estate and is part of Valiant Bank.
Riwers did the full cycle development of the Real Estate Agent web application and analysis tool.

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