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Product Development web application cyber security training



Cyrinas is a provider of cyber security training.

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For our complex project, in which we develop novel, innovative solutions directly at the pulse of our global customers, we need a partner who can ensure high quality in a dynamic project with changing requirements.

Riwers’ international team shines with lived agility and outstanding expertise in software development and project support processes. The software developers and software architects think ahead and proactively create future-proof solutions.

Riwers’ project management also thinks agilely, is always available on short notice and enables flexible solutions.

The entire team at Riwers works quickly and reliably. With the short sprints, we can put new features into production within just one week. The quality is right, as is the mindset of everyone involved.

Riwers is a crucial partner for our success and we are happy to work with them in the long term and grow together.

Many thanks for the productive and cooperative collaboration!

Ingo Rauner
Founder & CEO, Cyrinas


Product Development web application cyber security training

Riwers is strategic partner of software development for Cyrinas. Web application for online training in the field of cyber security. In a first phase, the distribution and management of the trainings will be implemented.

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