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Application for electrical companies




The Braso AG is a renowned Swiss software company with over 40 years of industry knowledge. As one of the most experienced providers of industry-specific software in Switzerland, it has already successfully assisted numerous companies in the electrical industry in increasing their efficiency and profitability.

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The innovative approach of Riwers complements the long-standing expertise of Braso AG excellently. This synergy enables the development of pioneering solutions for the electrical industry. Furthermore, a project that spans several months requires smooth collaboration as a fundamental requirement. At Riwers, this requirement is met, as our teamwork is not only goal-oriented but also enjoyable.

Martin Lorenc
Managing Director, Braso AG


Application for electrical companies

As a development partner of Braso AG, Riwers is developing extro, a mobile application that ensures the efficient handling of orders for electrical companies – from the initial contact to time and report tracking, all the way to payment.