Riwers Customer Journey

Our modular approach takes you step-by-step in easy-to-use portions to the best software experience.

With the Riwers Journey, we offer you a unique and easy-to-understand guide to help you get the most out of software development and organization.

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Vision Layer

In the first layer "Vision" you see your own showcase and receive a personal roadmap in the form of the "Digital Journey Compass", so that the direction is correct right from the start.

Digital Journey Compass

From Ambiguity to Visibility

  • We clarify your position for software development and digitalization with a thorough analysis.
  • We identify your situation and which topics and “pains” are urgent and important. For this purpose, we assess your points and evaluate and prioritize them.

The Unknown becomes Known

  • Get to know the options that are open to you in order to unfold the full potential of your situation.
  • You will get a good idea of the possible fields of action and possible solutions that come into question for you.
  • Whether this is in the organization, in processes or projects themselves that you want to or should tackle.
Show Case

The Intangible becomes Tangible

  • In the show case, you receive your personal roadmap as a “Digital Journey Compass” for your company.
  • We map the solution options to your situation. With the high-level roadmap, you receive an initial project proposal, a rough process, an initial setup with a possible organization and milestones.
  • Trigger the targeted implementation for your software and digitalization projects.

Focus Layer

With the second layer "Focus", we build the foundation for the successful execution of software projects.


From Broad to Specific

  • From a wide range of possible measures, we focus on the favored project.
    The scope for action is set in a w that the most important and urgent solution is implemented first.

Asynchronous becomes Synchronous

  • The collaboration between you as the customer and Riwers as the service provider is coordinated in a way that clear, synchronous processes are established.
  • Topics such as communication, processes, sprints, milestones, methods, validation, organization, team, roles, staffing, participation, tooling and infrastructure are defined in clear structures.

From the Idea to the Backlog

  • The project execution is prepared with the solution definition. Your requirements are detailed and prioritized and the initial backlog is created.
  • We consider risks and impediments early on and create a tactically smart plan for the project rollout.
  • The backlog is continuously assessed during the course of the project, just like the planning, and adjusted where indicated.

Project Layer

The third layer "Project" contains the actual execution of the software development. Achieve your desired software step by step in an agile manner.


From Theory to Practice

  • With the MVP, we implement the first selected core functionalities so that you can derive added value from the application at an early stage and go into production.
  • At the same time, this is the practical proof of the restructured software development between you and Riwers.
  • This is also an excellent time for a retrospective after which optimizations can be made for the further development.

Minimal becomes Maximum

  • After the MVP, the solution is now fully developed and put into production.
  • In the process, full functionality is provided so that you can take full advantage of it.
  • We always develop in agile mode so that scope and requirements can change continuously to incorporate new insights and priorities and maximize the benefit for the user.

Adding becomes Multiplying

  • With the completion of solution development, you have a blueprint for an effective and efficient software development and organization.
  • Use this advantage for continuous development with your well-established team or scale this asset to further projects or even your entire organization.
  • With this, you make the step to a top positioned company that lives digitalization and stands out from the competition.

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Markus Guggisberg
Markus Guggisberg
Chief Delivery Officer, Co-Owner

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